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Thursday, November 06, 2003

New Scientist: US crackdown on bioterror is backfiring

New Scientist casts a critical look at a "climate of fear."

Wednesday, November 05, 2003

Turning up the heat on preprint servers

This week's Nature features two news articles on troubles with the (or xxx) preprint server; according to one piece, 22 papers were withdrawn amidst allegations of plagiarism; another story,

Critical comments threaten to open libel floodgate for physics archive, reports on one physicist attacking another's work in a paper posted to the archive, and the implications of such uncensored comments. Paul Ginsparg remarked "We don't want these food fights conducted on a regular basis." An editorial (gleefully?) admonishing preprint server and scientific website administrators about libel law kicks off the issue.

Inside Science News Service

AIP has a service with links to science news stories of general interest. One of the latest is a statement by Steven Weinberg to the Texas Board of Education supporting the teaching of evolutionary theory - in fact, he advocates that no alternative theories (such as creation science) be taught alongside it.

Argali White & Yellow - the most complete and reliable phone directories search on the Internet

enables searching of multiple web-based phone and e-mail directories (Source: Search Engine Watch)

Wired News: DNA That's Yours for the Taking

an article about the Sanger centre in London, which evidently has a database of more than two billion letters of DNA; geneticists can search the database freely ...

Monday, November 03, 2003

On The Net - Unusual Power Web Searching Commands From Greg Notess, who should know ...

Physics' theoretical approach might aid biology An interesting discussion of how one discipline help the other ...