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Thursday, October 02, 2003

the NIH Roadmap The new head of NIH, Elias Zerhouni, discusses goals and funding priorities for the agency.

An Economic Analysis of Scientific Research PublishingYes, but is it Wellcome? Indeed, since the trust came out in favor of open access publishing. This document reviews the key players in science publishing, hoping to encourage dialogue among them. (Sources: Open Access News; ResourceShelf)

RedLightGreenThe Research Libraries Group has put together a web-based union catalog culled from members' (academic and research libraries throughout the US) library catalogs. It's like searching a whole host of research libraries all at once. (Source: ResourceShelf)

Wednesday, October 01, 2003

Supercomputer climate model whips up a storm

New Scientist reports that virtual hurricanes have been added to climate predictions in a Japanese research center's models ...

A Report on the Evaluation of Criteria Sets for Assessing Health Web Sites

A worthwhile report from Consumerwebwatch, given that many look to the web for medical information. (Sources: beSpacific, The Virtual Chase)

OLDMEDLINE Citations Join PubMed®

the National Library of Medicine has added citations dating from 1953-1965 to the PubMed database.

Re-imagining the Future

Report from Technology Review's Emerging Technologies conference

Nature Biotechnology

The October issue of Nature Biotechnology includes a "focus on nanobiotechnology," with articles on microfluidics, labelling of DNA, using cells to deliver drugs and harnessing bacterial energy. Commentators feature George Whitesides and authors include Stephen Quake and Jacqueline Barton. Sections on patents, careers and funding and investment round out the magazine.

a Mass Spec Timeline

This article from Today's Chemist at Work summarizes the developments in mass spectrometry in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries, including the shift of focus to biomolecules. Joel Parks's work at Rowland , exemplifies this kind of interdisciplinary shift; he's extended his group's cluster trap instrument to study gas-phase proteins and eventually oligonucleotides. (See their recent paper and poster. A Chemical and Engineering news report from a recent conference highlights severl current mass spec techniques used to study proteins, both in proteomics and in structural biology.

Tuesday, September 30, 2003

The Scientist :: Biology's new online archive

Gives a description of q-bio, a section of the arXiv(or xxx or lanl, as it has been called), for quantitative biology, biological physics, neural networks, complex systems and related topics. The thinking is that physicists may help biologists by taking interest in these problems (so says Terry Hwa of UCSD). And, as the opening of HMS's Systems Biology department, and a recent Science issue devoted to biological networks attest, these are topics generating a lot of bits.

Using Google to Search Your Personal BlogsphereInteresting ideas from Chris Sherman, Search Engine Watch (Source; Library Stuff)

MIT OpenCourseWare | Master Course List

500 MIT course lists are available online. Now, if only the same mandate could given to institutional archiving in DSpace... (Source: Open Access News)

Monday, September 29, 2003

Science Journals Tighten Rules for Disclosure of Financial Ties Full disclosure ... next, blind trust ....

SatireWire | Feature: Interview with the Search EngineCareful which site you use and how you use it; an example with Ask Jeeves - somebody took it literally .... (Source: Darci Chapman, Infomage in Training)

To Fix Software Flaws, Microsoft Invites AttackA NYTimes story reports that Microsoft has released more than thirty patches this year; the guy in the picture who does security for Microsoft looks kinda nervous ...

Benjamin Franklin True Patriot Act The antidote to the sweeping surveillance powers granted by the USA PATRIOT act, HR 3171 was introduced by Rep. Dennis Kucinich of Ohio and others... (sources; LISNEWS, Shifted Librarian, beSpacific, ResourceShelf...)

The Level of Discourse Continues to Slide

Mor e open season on Powerpoint, and its proponents respond ....

DARPA Fact File: A compendium of DARPA programs

the 2003 edition of DARPA's reference publication, summarizing highlights from its funding recipients. (Source: The ResourceShelf) (Note: warning; it's a little out of date; still mentions the TIA (Terrorism Information Awareness) initiative as an active area of research.

EJSSNT : e-Journal of Surface Science and NanotechnologyWell maybe Surface Science will have some competition after all... So far in its first volume; currently all articles are available as .pdf downloads, but this could change. (source: the Sci-Tech Library Question)

Mercury News | 09/28/2003 | In the Wild West of the Internet, there are good guys and bad guys

Interesting viewpoint ... examples of the "good guys" include Peter Suber's "open Access News and the Internet Archive. (Source: Open Access News)

RecallInteresting ... The Wayback Machine of the Internet Archive has a search interface. You can search back to 1996 and find a lot of material that has disappeared from view (although some of it might not have been missed, admittedly ...) (Source; Internet Legal Research Weekly)

Internet Search Engine UpdateGreg Notess gives a good summary of specific, recent changes effected by some of the more popular search engines. (Source: Internet Legal Research Weekly)