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Monday, July 28, 2003

Is privacy making a comeback? | CNET A column by Declan Mccullagh explores recent attempts in Washington to roll back legislation that enables surveillance at expense of civil liberties and privacy.

EFF: RIAA Subpoena Database Are you on the RIAA's "to sue" list? Electronic Frontier Foundation has posted an application enabling one to search and find out if one's filesharing username or IP address has been listed in any of the subpoenas. A link on the site also boasts "How not Get to Sued by the RIAA for file-sharing (And other ideas to avoid being treated like a criminal)." A New York Times article reports on the growing ire of music listeners. (Source: The Virtual Chase) (Note: Related to this, a recent First Monday article likens the current climate of copyright holders (or their representative bodies like RIAA) and peer-to-peer users to the cold war; see A Copyright Cold War?(Source: ResourceShelf)

Amazon Light Although heavily trafficked, Amazon Light is worth a look if the adds on regular are getting to you. (Sources: ResourceShelf and Internet Legal Research Weekly)