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Friday, June 27, 2003

An article in the New York Times discusses proposed legislation to make government-funded research results open to the public. (Source; LIBLICENSE-L; also FOS News)

Thursday, June 26, 2003

Email Alerting Services of Major Publishers / Vendors a library in Hong Kong compiled this thorough list of table-of-contents and new publication alerting services from major publishers such as Academic, Elsevier and Wiley, as well as vendors such Amazon and Books-a-Million. (source: the ResourceShelf) The entries on this list link to a page that enables one to sign up via e-mail. However, these fill up a mailbox rather quickly. (Crede experto.) Furthermore, several of these sources now have rss feeds that you can browse in your news aggregator (for example, PNAS, Nature, Science ...) (Sources: A Man with a PhD, NewsisFree)

Debunking Some Myths About Grant Writing This article idenitfies six myths about academic grant writing (that there's no money, that you need connections, etc.) and offers six tips on writing grants with a special emphasis on adapting the language of your proposal in line with the funding agency's expressed goals. (Source: Chronicle of Higher Education, Daily Update, June 26, 2003)

Americans and Online Privacy: The System is Broken A new report by the Annenberg Public Policy Center at UPenn examines whether online users in America understand privacy policies and how their personal data is and may be used by those who collect it. (source: beSpacific)

Wednesday, June 25, 2003

Total Information Overload Technology Review casts a glance on the Defense Dept's TIA (total information awareness, not thanks in advance) (Shoot, it's not free ...)

the Rowland USB response box "O all the instruments agree" - what else have you got hiding on that wonderful server of yours ....

MacTutor history of Mathematics This website includes biographies of many prominent mathematicians (including Lene Hau). You can browse it biographically or topically. A bibliography and links to other mathematics sources on the web are included. (
Source; Vivisimo)

Vivisimo If you haven't taken a look at Vivisimo recently, do so. It clusters your search results in a readable, intelligent fashion. (thanks to beSpacific for the tip)

Internet Sparks a Copyright Fire A Washington Post article presents concisely the background surrounding the current copyright controversy. It focuses mainly on the music industry and recent legislative attempts to suppress online distribution of music, reports on the views of the copyright holders themselves, and mentions several players in the commercial music file-swapping business. (Source: beSpacific

Tuesday, June 24, 2003

NLM Proposes New Journal Standards An article in Information Today explains what the proposed Journal Archiving and Document Type Definitions (JADTD) mean for linking and archiving papers in scientific journals. (Source: Information Today)

From Flowing Fluids, Beautiful Images and Unlocked Secrets a NY Times article explores patterns created by fluid dynamics, "difficult to explain, but beautiful to observe".

The Clocks That Shaped Einstein's Leap in Time a New York Times article discusses Peter Galison's new book which focuses on Einstein's 1905 theory of relativity and phenomena that might have influenced it, things as quotidian as a train schedule ... (It would be interesting to read and compare with Lightman's Einstein's Dreams, from a decade earlier.)